Style Revival on Facebook

Thanks for visiting our site. In reality, we are still located inside ReThreads just south of Smith’s on Paseo del Pueblo Sur, only two blocks south of the Taos Plaza. Virtually, we are now posting photos of updated inventory on our Facebook page on a regular basis as well as fun thrifting and vintage stuff. Find us here.

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Story in the Taos News

Here is the story in the Taos News about the new management at Rethreads in Taos where I am now selling my vintage duds. They are also selling used gear, which is an awesome idea and a great contribution to the Taos Valley. Here’s a link to the article:

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The Style Revival Has Settled Down

That’s right! The Style Revival now has a physical location inside the awesome resale shop Re-Threads in Taos, NM.  Located just south of Smith’s on the main drag, open Mon-Sat from 10-5pm. You can shop vintage duds anytime. No need to wait for the next festival to find us. We’re so excited to be working with new managers Sarah and Sam. More information to come…

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Folk West Music Festival

The Folk West Music Festival in Pagosa Springs was great. We had the best time ever. All of the people were kind and easy going. The music was great, especially Sam Bush and Sarah Watkins. I saw people I knew from everywhere from home to Alaska to a college alumni. We also made plenty of new friends beneath the beautiful forest canopy. I sold some of the funnest clothes I had. We soaked in the hot springs around town EVERY night (mainly to clean off all the dirt). It was a really great experience and we hope to do it again. See photos under Festival Photos

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NedFest 2012

NedFest was definitely one of the more interesting festivals we have worked out. Our good friends Nicole and Craig used to live in Nederland, so we had spent some time there, but we had never seen it like this before — streets lined with hippie kids and their canine friends asking for change to get drunk, clouds of pot smoke filling the air, revelry and music late into the night. It rained and got super muddy so it was a good thing our daughter and dog stayed home. We still had fun and even got a chance to dance to Hot Buttered Rum Band.

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Crestone Music Festival

We had a great time at CrestFest this year. Such a family friendly event, our daughter runs wild all weekend. It was the best CrestFest weather we’ve had since starting to vend there four years ago. I love all the dancers letting their freak flags fly.

We head out Wednesday for NedFest, followed soon after by Pagosa Folk Fest… See you there!

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Taos Solar Fest 2012

Franti and Solar Fest

The Style Revival had a great time at Solar Fest this year. The line-up was excellent. Saints of Valory played 3 times and I loved them more each time. Local Max Gomez was great as usual, so was Matt Kearny, Lyle Lovett, Imperial Rooster, Los Lobos and so much more. Franti topped off the festivities with his always inspiring music set. We closed up shop early to dance into the evening hours. Check out the festival photos for pictures of some of the great items that were sold.

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End of Festival Season

With Moab Folk Fest behind us, that marks the end of festival season. Boo hoo. This was not a very big year. We only did three festivals, but we hope to do more next year. As soon as I have the schedule confirmed for next summer, I will post it on the schedule page. My goal this winter is to get more of my collection on Ebay. This is not the same inventory that I sell at festivals, but instead, high end brand names and unique accessories. So stay posted. We will open the “real” store for business in the spring for the 2nd Annual One Day Only Vintage Boutique Sale. Stay tuned.

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Moab Folk Fest 2011

Apparently, this was the first year that the Moab Folk Fest was indoors. There were overzealous premonitions of 3 inches of snow that never showed. However, the weather was miserable, rainy and windy. There were a lot of advantages to being inside. We got more foot traffic and were able to stay open later on Saturday night for the main acts. The downfall, no usual spectacular view and we couldn’t see the music. At least, we could hear it. Still, we had a great time. We love just hanging out in Moab and visiting all the great restaurants, coffee shops and bookstores. Every year we plan to do some hiking and don’t find the time. This year we hit some hot springs on the way home. Overall, we had a great time. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be doing it again next year.



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Collegiate Peaks Music Festival 2011

The Style Revival had a great time at the Collegiate Peaks Music Festival in Buena Vista, CO on August 28-30. It was a successful weekend despite the daily rain storms and having almost lost our tent at one point. The music was terrific. It was great to see Bonnie and Bridget from Elephant Revival and supply them with new dresses. All the people were super kind and we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. We hope to be back next year.

Check out photos from the festival on the photos page!

We were sorry to have to miss Crestone Music Festival this year but we had to change some priorities around. We hope to be back next year! Our next festival is a one day event at the Denver Botanical Gardens. Should be interesting…

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